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A deluxe model with mind-blowing assets

Shikha is someone who is passionate for wanted modelling jobs delhi,most interesting positive personality.Her sexy toned body is evident from her love of exercising often. She can have conversations and gets along in whatever fashion topics you may be in.

A top model with a dazzling body

At first glance, you will notice lean and well-toned body with the sexiest curves ever. You need not to look twice to know how sexy this fresher model babe is. She has a slim body and perfect cup size. Not only gorgeous but also has an amazing personality. She is open-minded and willing to work out a suitable plan according to your choice of photography for require modelling jobs.


Shikha is a true individual, open and liberal with an ambition to reach the top. Long, gleaming hair and a svelte and perfectly toned slim body, perfect bone structure and fair skin are fine, elegant and regal. With her experience she make the most of the feature to get the best opportunity in modelling jobs available. This exclusive fresher model is waiting for best branded offers. A dancer, a sportswoman, this babe has the wow factor,elegant for sure, with keen sense of style and relies on her own impeccable taste of designs. And even though she is the pride of our modelling agencies in delhi was already booked for many assignments and contributed to her success in the fashion world.

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