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A Deluxe Model pooja that makes Heads Turn on-9910701241

Put it in simple words, pooja is flawless in her bone structure, clear skin,smile radiating more beauty than any model you are ever going to meet. She is the kind of girl with her secret powers is inevitable that once you look at her, you can not look away. She will keep you still holding your heart with one gaze. She is a succubus - beautiful, insatiable and absolutely gorgeous, most fir for the search of modelling jobs in gurgaon with 24/7 working ability.

A Glamour Girl with a Delight for Finer Modelling

Pooja is a perfect picture of beauty and grace for the selection of designer clothing from all over the globe.Her taste radiates enough confidence to throw the finest models green with envy with her voluptuous body so shapely she is the first and last thing you will ever think of for required fresher models in gurgaon.She is relentless and she has continued with these passions, particularly modelling, into adulthood. She is a fitness fanatic and it shows on her lean toned body. She is tall 5-10, with dark hair and piercing eyes that show you all the fire and passion.Tomboy attitude in life and her ability to stay a sexy, model babe.She has a feminine figure which she loves to cover with beautiful dresses looking sensual and alluring as possible to be the most wanted female models in gurgaon

Inspired and imaginative a colourful model girl

You could describe her as a deluxe babe who will show you the confidence from the moment she meets you. She is full of imagination and courage. She loves to act and laugh and dance, very ambitious and dedicated to work with the best modelling agencies in gurgaon.

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