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Age: 25yr: Height: 5'2" | Vitals: 33-28-34 | Weight: 47.7kg |

MEGHA-Delhi model that makes heads turn-9910701241

Put it in simple words, megha is the kind of with drop jaws sex appeal with deep desire to be the best for models required for photo shoot in delhi. She is not only flawless and refined, but more than a beauty than any other model. She is beautiful, insatiable and absolutely gorgeous with perfect sex appeal.

A Glamour model megha

Megha is a perfect picture of beauty and grace to be a pin up model. With her class selection of designer clothing with exquisite taste that lies within her. Her taste for offers of female models required in delhi is a bit choosy. She is elegant VIP model, more than complete wonder. Her strut radiates enough confidence to throw the finest models look green with envy with her shapely body so shapely and an insatiable hunger for the need models for print shoot in delhi.

A superior model

Megha carries herself with elegance and composure with movie star looks. Long hair falls over sun-kissed skin, and the twinkle in her brown eyes shows promises her to be selected for bridal garments models in delhi. Her sleek and toned body, her long, slim legs and flat stomach compliments the designer dresses. And you can see why this sexy model loves to lie on the beach and watch the clear blue ocean for she looks even better when posing as bikini models in delhi with her fun-loving life style.

A dazzling, cultured model

Not only does this fascinating beauty is mst popular with female models for online shoots required with her knowledge of fashion and entertainment. A well-read model gained experience by meeting people who can teach her something. Bubbly model with a dazzling smile for fun and games, alluring manner and perfect figure makes her the finest available female models in delhi to keep going things night.

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