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Age- 22
Height -5'8"
Head round -22
Collar- 13
Shoulders- 16
Arm hole- 13
Arm round -10
Sleeve length -22
Upper bust - 32
Bust - 33
Lower bust - 28
Upper waist - 28 Waist - 30
Low waist - 33
Hips - 35
Thigh round -19
Calf round- 7
Trouser length- 40
Shoe size- 7

Geetanjali DELHI MODEL-9910701241

She is an adorable, relaxed and talented model, full of delicate grace and bright, dynamic energy captures the attention of fashion media. Her passion for modeling has given her the opportunity to travel, cultural study assignments behind the camera. Her sparkling eyes and attractive personality to make you look nowhere else. She is sweet, sexy, intelligent and delightful model who is dedicated to exploring and embodying female modeling jobs. She is well prepared and unbelievably flexible for the moment of paid assignments. As a creative beauty by profession, eloquent, classy and passionate. With her presence with subtle, sweet and charming personality, she is a eye catcher always for fresher modeling jobs. A blend of beauty and brains, wit, poise, intelligence, there is a reason to invite showing her off over corporate and social events. This is mainly due to the fact that she is always appropriately and impeccably presented in most settings. She is sensuous, spirited and enchanting model, her personality is warm, respectful, well mannered and affectionate by nature. She is always determined by your with her imagination in depth.

A graceful, gorgeous dancer with a sensual attitude if you wanted models for photoshoot. Intelligent and classy personality to charm you with her unpretentious insight and understanding. Her slender athletic figure with mesmerizing eyes will overwhelm you. Delicate grace, profound beauty, a perfect model for those who only want the finest of approach. Her personality is with a sparkling sense of humor, undoubtedly the only choice for wanted models for print shoot You will have no doubt have an unforgettable experience with her fit and toned figure and positive attitude towards life. Her soft dark hair, silky smooth skin and generous assets; toned for the best offers to come. In addition to her beautiful face, she has a sharp mind! Intelligent and charming,Gets very excited with powerful new offers of models for online advertising.

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