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Alisha will bowl you over with her deadly looks looks and features that are perfectly formed, clear skin and a killer body matching the offers for modeling jobs available. There is nothing more you could from this astonishing model. Her hair is shining black and curly, skin is shiny and dark brown eyes which are mysterious. She is tall, elegant and carries herself alluringly with dignity. Once you meet her you will be left speechless. She has a very modern mind, open and friendly and in touch with all the latest fashions.

Book a superior model Alisha from delhi

There is no doubt about it that alisha is a superior model and she stuns onlookers wherever she goes with aristocracy. She is well educated and speaks well. She is well-read/spoken and knows when to speak. She is at her best in conversations with modeling agencies in delhi for discussing career offers. Her figure is supple and strong, due to a strict routine of Yoga.

Exotic, But also Real

To say that alisha is exotic is an understatement. Her subtle curves and beautiful skin helps her to pursue a career with best modeling offers available, to be seen a one of the most beautiful glamor girl top model out with higher goals as well. She is very effusive with her dreams, including having a nice brand contract or even being a TV presenter. She keeps in shape with regular gym and even dances as well. Her modeling creativity know no bounds, she walked the catwalk, worked for agencies multiple times. She can speak to you on an equal level to share her ideas to work with model coordinators in delhi.

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